On sleeping in the company of others

There is something beautiful and captivating in a sleeping being.

While there is still quite a lot we do not know about sleeping, one
could argue that our understanding of this basic need has seen some
amazing progress.

Still, sleep is not only a need we have to fulfill. It is an intimate
ritual in which we surrender ourselves to our circumstances, even if for
a little while. Continue reading “On sleeping in the company of others”

On ES6 generators and the incongruity of yield-based control flow in Node.js

I have been doing quite a fair bit of reading about and experimenting with ES6 generators, lately, and I find myself disagreeing with a big part of the Node.js community for the first time. In fact, while I do have grown rather fond of their lazy-evaluation capabilities, I just can’t understand why would anyone want to use generators for control flow purposes. To be completely honest, I feel exactly the opposite – the more I learn about them and the more convinced I grow that generators should never be used in such a way. If you’re not familiar with these constructs, check out the reading list below. Continue reading “On ES6 generators and the incongruity of yield-based control flow in Node.js”